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Custom Pre-Exposed DIY Screens

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High quality screen prints call for high quality screens. But getting decent screens set up at home without the proper equipment and experience can be a living NIGHTMARE.

If you're looking to screen print your own designs at home, but don't know where to start when it comes to screen making, we feel you... we've been there too! Fyahfly can supply you with custom pre-exposed DIY screens so you can get straight to printing.



Preparing and supplying the perfect artwork can be tough at times, but no worries we can help with that. Add on our Artwork Optimisation service and we'll get your artwork prepped and ready to make a top notch stencil. 

  • Artwork size. We make sure your image is easily printable and fits the screen and mesh count that you have chosen.
  • Artwork colour. Your artwork should be set to 100% black and white. We will make sure you do not have any unwanted halftone colours.
  • Resolution. We will make sure your artwork is not blurry. If you have not provided a vector artwork, we may suggest exposing a vector version of your artwork instead of the original. In most circumstances we will provide the new vector for you.